Ben is apart of the Boys and Girls Club, where a kind heart matters to the young and impressionable minds of our future leaders.


The Eclectic Youth League Leader, Ben Grubbs is avid believer in growing ones goals to reach as far as their imagination can take them.


Creating and developing true dynamics in the early stages of a young adults life is just one of the most rewarding institutions to Ben.


Solutions have to start somewhere so that problems can begin to disolve and in this foundation we are a solution starter.


The Ben Grubbs Foundation supports the Eclectic Youth League which serves to promote young children to be an active member in sport recreation and activity.

As an alum of Elmore Country High School, Ben newly signed to the New Orleans Saints has come back to the community where he started and become and avid member of The EYL.

Ben is also a supporter of programs such as The Prevention Team which brings Pro Athletes to schools to enhance awareness and bully prevention strategies for young adults. His overall dedication to the community is unmatched and he strives to further his outreach each season as a mission point within his career as an NFL superstar.


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